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James Damore Explains: "Why I Was Fired By Google"

"Google is a particularly intense echo chamber... almost like a cult with its own leaders and saints, all believed to righteously uphold the sacred motto of 'Don't be evil'."

Drexel professor defends tweet about 'white genocide'

On Christmas Eve, a Drexel University associate professor drew fire when he tweeted “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide.”
Thomas Willingham 8 months ago
I don't know who this guy is, so maybe he's a nutjob, but even if I were the kind of person to buy into conspiracy theories, I don't think white genocide would particularly bother me. Basically, what they're saying is "some people emigrate, and date people in the country they emigrated to, and women have access to birth control". I don't think I'd particularly want one for Christmas, but I can't say I'd be particularly upset if someone gave me it either.

Arto 8 months ago
Well, that's why you're a normal person, because you get what he's getting at. Plus, he apparently said it as a joke, playing off the various Christmas carols that are so popular in the States. His problem is political, he's written book about Venezuela, in favor of the Chavez revolution, critical of US foreign policy, and that is not to the liking of the newly emboldened right wing in the US. They are now using this to get him out of his job at the university (which is violating the supposedly-sacred American insentience on freedom of speech).

I think the whole country is going nuts last 2 months or so. I need to move back to BG as soon as possible (even with their problems...)

@evgenymorozov hey, love your work, and also that you're on GNU Social. Have you tried Friendica or hubzilla? Worth a look...

The internet is our social network | friendica

Friendica is a community project, and people around the world have started to create and collect resources in other languages. If you know of any sites bundling such efforts, please drop us a line. We are a handful of part-time developers linking/federating disparate social web platforms and giving people the tools they need to thrive in a post-Fac...


posteo vs

I'm trying to test alternatives to protonmail, and was wondering if anyone has used and can recommend posteo or mailbox as alternatives?

Oliver 10 months ago from -friendica for me. Don't know why, tried both, but mailbox is better for my needs.

Arto 10 months ago
Thanks, I went with mailbox over posteo, looks like a great service compared to Protonmail and others.

The first vision of the internet was as electronic socialism, cybernetic collectivism. The Soviet internet:…

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test post

test post!

Arto 10 months ago
Hi guys! Just put this new Friendica server up. I've been thinking of shutting down MyFriendica, not many users as of late, but my heart doesn't want to shut it down, it's been live for so many years!!!

Michael Vogel 10 months ago
So just let it live.

Arto 10 months ago
Yes, I have to upgrade the server to 2GB of RAM, but will do it!